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EnviroTube™ is flexible PVC-jacketed coated copper tubing that is used for fuel oil transfer lines, gas and propane.

EnviroTube™ is the only coated copper tubing having two patents from the United States Patent Office specifically for the use in underground fuel oil lines. EnviroTube™ is approved by numerous states, D.E.C., D.E.P., Department of Health, Fire Marshals, and is UL listed for petroleum products not for vapor gas.

EnviroTube™ is resistant to almost all chemicals found in the soil. It is also flame retardant, abrasion resistant, and resistant to Earth movement. The coating compound has been improved by the addition of UV inhibitor and anti-fungicide. The flexible PVC coating has a life span of over one-hundred years without loss of strength. The PVC coating is non-toxic and recyclable.

US Patent # 5,868,171
US Patent #6,135,159
UL Listed for Petroleum Products not for vapor gas
UL #MH26508

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